Ahead of Schedule?

When a young NBA team expected to lose begins stacking wins together, their confidence level rises. It’s happening right now with the Cavaliers. Regardless of the competition (the Wizards and Knicks are bad) back-to-back road wins by a team supposed to be one of the worst in the league breeds assurance that the system isContinue reading “Ahead of Schedule?”

Will the Real Baker Mayfield Please Stand Up

Baker Mayfield is lost, and he’s running from the light. Many want to pin the loss Sunday night on Freddie Kitchens, and he deserves blame. But this L is Mayfield’s. You cannot win in the NFL with poor quarterback play. The Browns have proved this for 20 years. You can hand wring and fist stompContinue reading “Will the Real Baker Mayfield Please Stand Up”

What the Hell

This was the worry since they hired Freddie Kitchens to take over as head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Would his lack of experience cost the team games? Would he be able to handle the collection of egos acquired by John Dorsey? Week One wasn’t great. Too many penalties. 18 is obnoxious. The Browns lackedContinue reading “What the Hell”

Kramer, the best Seinfeld character

The best entrance in the history of television. Perhaps patrons yelling “Norm!” each time Norm Peterson entered the bar on Cheers is the most memorable. But for sheer, unpredictable comedy, nothing beats Cosmo Kramer sliding into Jerry’s apartment. The precision with which the door whips open and Kramer slides in is art. When watching episodesContinue reading “Kramer, the best Seinfeld character”