Heartbreak, But Hope. A Cleveland Browns Story

One team went for it on fourth down, the other did not. The first divisional round playoff game for the Cleveland Browns since 1995 wasn’t so simple, yet the disparity of Kevin Stefanski punting from his own 32 with 4:19 remaining in the fourth quarter and one timeout remaining on 4th and 9, versus AndyContinue reading “Heartbreak, But Hope. A Cleveland Browns Story”

Introducing the New Cleveland Browns. They’re Finally Boring

The Cleveland Browns are dull. Not a compliment on its face, but for this franchise, it’s a proclamation. No longer unprepared or arrogant, the Browns’ focus on the opponent, and how to defeat them, has become the thing. Sunday’s dismantling of the New York Giants wasn’t a surprise, nor was it flashy. Cleveland didn’t earnContinue reading “Introducing the New Cleveland Browns. They’re Finally Boring”

A Romp in Nashville. Playoffs Guaranteed. What is the Ceiling?

The Cleveland Browns’ win in Nashville Sunday, the franchise’s biggest since 2007, changed the narrative. They’re no longer beating up on poor teams, or a benefactor of a weak schedule. If Baker Mayfield can sling it for the rest of the season the way he did Sunday, they can rattle the top AFC teams inContinue reading “A Romp in Nashville. Playoffs Guaranteed. What is the Ceiling?”

When the Rest Fail, Call on Nick Chubb

Over the 22 seasons and 12 head coaches since the Cleveland Browns franchise returned in 1999, they’ve searched for many elusive things. A starting quarterback? Sure. Reliable offensive linemen? Yes. Capable pass rushers? Of course. But the one ingredient that makes the thing work, that turns a franchise from a laughingstock into a contender, isContinue reading “When the Rest Fail, Call on Nick Chubb”

A One Week Improvement. Is Baker Mayfield Emerging as a $40 Million Man?

A decision faces the Cleveland Browns organization next off season, one the team hasn’t confronted in their history. They haven’t been good enough as a team, or at the quarterback position, in the salary cap era (it started in 1994) to face such a choice. Baker Mayfield has changed that. Is he good enough? Mayfield,Continue reading “A One Week Improvement. Is Baker Mayfield Emerging as a $40 Million Man?”

Myles Garrett is Defensive MVP. Here’s How He’s Doing It

Four game winning streaks are uncommon for the Cleveland Browns, as are 30 point scoring streaks. They haven’t won this many in a row since the end of the 2009 season, and they were 1-11 and winning out of the number 1 pick back then. Leroy Kelly lined up in the backfield the last timeContinue reading “Myles Garrett is Defensive MVP. Here’s How He’s Doing It”

A Simplistic Triumph is Satisfying, Refreshing in Cleveland

When was the last time the Cleveland Browns posted a ho-hum, boring victory? Sunday’s win against Washington was workmanlike and efficient. Only six penalties, no turnovers, just two sacks allowed. Washington isn’t good and Dwayne Haskins struggled, poor at reading the field and unable to look at another receiver other than his primary target. HisContinue reading “A Simplistic Triumph is Satisfying, Refreshing in Cleveland”

Cleveland Browns: The Truth About Their Surging Offense

Though the difference in talent level from the first week was stark, the Cleveland Browns made a jump last Thursday, looking like a competent team for the first time since December 2018. Give credit to Kevin Stefanski. The first year head coach adjusted his game plan on a short week, a sign that he didn’tContinue reading “Cleveland Browns: The Truth About Their Surging Offense”

Winning in March

Whether they’re declared the winners of free agency after the first week, the Cleveland Browns and new general manager Andrew Berry staked their claim to yet another off-season champions trophy. Berry attacked three positions of weakness, signing two of the top 15 players available in tight end Austin Hooper (4 years, 42 million) and rightContinue reading “Winning in March”

Changes that will make the Cleveland Browns a Contender in 2020

2019 was a typical season in Cleveland. The talent and hope acquired over the off-season was over-hyped and misplaced. The despair of 1 win over two seasons caused an abundance of optimism; fans expect the misery compiled over two decades to one day pay dividends. What if it never does? The talent is still inContinue reading “Changes that will make the Cleveland Browns a Contender in 2020”