Yes, Another Startling Cleveland Disaster. But Wait, Here Comes Pittsburgh

Excuses. They’ve run thick since Sunday, all trying to brush aside the Cleveland Browns’ latest debacle. A 23-16 loss to the one-win Jets. But their offensive line was missing two starters. But they placed their top four wide receivers on the COVID-19 list on Saturday, delaying the plane to New York by four hours. ButContinue reading “Yes, Another Startling Cleveland Disaster. But Wait, Here Comes Pittsburgh”

NFL Divisional Round

Who wins this weekend, and how do they get it done? As always, the pressure falls on the quarterbacks. Minnesota @ San Francisco Kirk Cousins won the biggest game of his life last Sunday, throwing two beautiful passes during the game winning drive. His 43 yarder, dropped in a bucket to Adam Thielen, and theContinue reading “NFL Divisional Round”