Heartbreak, But Hope. A Cleveland Browns Story

One team went for it on fourth down, the other did not. The first divisional round playoff game for the Cleveland Browns since 1995 wasn’t so simple, yet the disparity of Kevin Stefanski punting from his own 32 with 4:19 remaining in the fourth quarter and one timeout remaining on 4th and 9, versus AndyContinue reading “Heartbreak, But Hope. A Cleveland Browns Story”

The Cleveland Browns Colossal, Franchise Altering Win Shocked and Awed. Now, Kansas City

When match-ups against a supposed rival end in a pummeling for five decades, swapping coaches every other season while they stack playoff wins and Super Bowl trophies, it grows tiresome. Not only your losing, but their successes. Smug faces in black and gold, touting victories they had nothing to do with, celebrating your pain asContinue reading “The Cleveland Browns Colossal, Franchise Altering Win Shocked and Awed. Now, Kansas City”

The Arduous Wait Has Ended. A Breakthrough Season Derailed by COVID in Cleveland?

The Cleveland Browns get to dance. Sunday night at 8:20 a playoff game will kickoff in Pittsburgh. The Browns will take part. For the first time in 18 years the disjointed, woebegone franchise, run amok for so long by poor management and neophyte leadership, will co-star alongside their rival, a game considered the jewel ofContinue reading “The Arduous Wait Has Ended. A Breakthrough Season Derailed by COVID in Cleveland?”

A Romp in Nashville. Playoffs Guaranteed. What is the Ceiling?

The Cleveland Browns’ win in Nashville Sunday, the franchise’s biggest since 2007, changed the narrative. They’re no longer beating up on poor teams, or a benefactor of a weak schedule. If Baker Mayfield can sling it for the rest of the season the way he did Sunday, they can rattle the top AFC teams inContinue reading “A Romp in Nashville. Playoffs Guaranteed. What is the Ceiling?”

Super Bowl LIV and a New NFL Dynasty

The 2019 season produced the ideal Super Bowl match-up. Sure, a Ravens-49ers clash would have been a backyard brawl, while Chiefs-Saints may have set the scoreboard on fire. This one presents a strength on strength battle, however, the best offense in the league versus its best defense. The NFL’s premiere quarterback against an overbearing fourContinue reading “Super Bowl LIV and a New NFL Dynasty”

Conference Championships

Tennessee @ Kansas City Hard to say which of these squads’ victories was more impressive last weekend, but for very different reasons. The Titans dominated the presumptive MVP and the best team in the league by beating the Ravens up in the trenches, grabbing the lead, and forcing Lamar Jackson to beat them with throwsContinue reading “Conference Championships”

NFL Divisional Round

Who wins this weekend, and how do they get it done? As always, the pressure falls on the quarterbacks. Minnesota @ San Francisco Kirk Cousins won the biggest game of his life last Sunday, throwing two beautiful passes during the game winning drive. His 43 yarder, dropped in a bucket to Adam Thielen, and theContinue reading “NFL Divisional Round”