Heartbreak, But Hope. A Cleveland Browns Story

One team went for it on fourth down, the other did not. The first divisional round playoff game for the Cleveland Browns since 1995 wasn’t so simple, yet the disparity of Kevin Stefanski punting from his own 32 with 4:19 remaining in the fourth quarter and one timeout remaining on 4th and 9, versus AndyContinue reading “Heartbreak, But Hope. A Cleveland Browns Story”

The Cleveland Browns Colossal, Franchise Altering Win Shocked and Awed. Now, Kansas City

When match-ups against a supposed rival end in a pummeling for five decades, swapping coaches every other season while they stack playoff wins and Super Bowl trophies, it grows tiresome. Not only your losing, but their successes. Smug faces in black and gold, touting victories they had nothing to do with, celebrating your pain asContinue reading “The Cleveland Browns Colossal, Franchise Altering Win Shocked and Awed. Now, Kansas City”

The Arduous Wait Has Ended. A Breakthrough Season Derailed by COVID in Cleveland?

The Cleveland Browns get to dance. Sunday night at 8:20 a playoff game will kickoff in Pittsburgh. The Browns will take part. For the first time in 18 years the disjointed, woebegone franchise, run amok for so long by poor management and neophyte leadership, will co-star alongside their rival, a game considered the jewel ofContinue reading “The Arduous Wait Has Ended. A Breakthrough Season Derailed by COVID in Cleveland?”

Introducing the New Cleveland Browns. They’re Finally Boring

The Cleveland Browns are dull. Not a compliment on its face, but for this franchise, it’s a proclamation. No longer unprepared or arrogant, the Browns’ focus on the opponent, and how to defeat them, has become the thing. Sunday’s dismantling of the New York Giants wasn’t a surprise, nor was it flashy. Cleveland didn’t earnContinue reading “Introducing the New Cleveland Browns. They’re Finally Boring”

Add a Little Defense With Pressure, Guarantee the Playoffs?

After being exposed as the weak link, the reason the team wouldn’t reach their ceiling, the Cleveland Browns defense has taken a turn. Torched early, the D gave up 31.5 points per game in the first seven contests this season. But defensive coordinator Joe Woods’ unit has clamped offenses since, allowing only 13 per. HasContinue reading “Add a Little Defense With Pressure, Guarantee the Playoffs?”

A One Week Improvement. Is Baker Mayfield Emerging as a $40 Million Man?

A decision faces the Cleveland Browns organization next off season, one the team hasn’t confronted in their history. They haven’t been good enough as a team, or at the quarterback position, in the salary cap era (it started in 1994) to face such a choice. Baker Mayfield has changed that. Is he good enough? Mayfield,Continue reading “A One Week Improvement. Is Baker Mayfield Emerging as a $40 Million Man?”

Romping and Road Grading into Oblivion in Dallas

Once the season ends, it’ll be easy to look back upon the Cleveland Browns’ season and decide which victory was most important. The turning point. Could Sunday’s road grading, 307 yard rushing performance be the one? The offensive line pushed Dallas’ defensive front wherever they wanted, creating holes larger than Jerry Jones’ ego. In theContinue reading “Romping and Road Grading into Oblivion in Dallas”

On to Cincinnati

This early in the season, one can only hope the Cleveland Browns get better. Nothing on Sunday was surprising. Baltimore employs the reigning MVP and has Super Bowl aspirations. Cleveland is on their fourth head coach and offensive coordinator in three seasons. Baker Mayfield is regressing at an astonishing rate, and the defense has littleContinue reading “On to Cincinnati”

Winning in March

Whether they’re declared the winners of free agency after the first week, the Cleveland Browns and new general manager Andrew Berry staked their claim to yet another off-season champions trophy. Berry attacked three positions of weakness, signing two of the top 15 players available in tight end Austin Hooper (4 years, 42 million) and rightContinue reading “Winning in March”

Browns poised for a turnaround….next week

No matter how optimistic about the season, few Browns fans looked at Week 8 and predicted a win. With the season in flux, @New England this week is dispiriting. In need of a confidence boost off the bye week, no game has seemed more like a loss going in. The Patriots have been surgical thisContinue reading “Browns poised for a turnaround….next week”